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A connected TV experience

I was the lead UX designer on the BBC’s IPTV platform YouView, driving the team through the full design lifecycle from early concepts through wireframes into visual designs. I also worked with one other information architect to define the structure of the experience and content, and pitched the designs (successfully) to members of the BBC Trust. I worked closely with the agency RKCR on the creation of the YouView brand, look-and-feel, and tone of voice.

There were many challenges with a project so ambitious: working closely with tech to integrate multiple sources of data and information, coordinating design sessions with partner broadcasters (ITV, Channel 4, and Channel 5 were all heavily involved), creating extremely user-friendly navigation layers, specifying the experience properly for the physical box manufacturers, and integrating multiple rounds of user testing - to name a few.

A particular highlight of the project was creating early concept designs for the remote control configuration to govern the interface.


UX Lead
Information Architect
Creative Director

Design concepts
IA models
Mental models

The experience concept

Documenting the experience

The task of documenting the content, states and interactions was colossal, and made even more so by the system interface layers and how everything tied to the remote controls.

Journeys rule

We merged lots of documentation techniques to address the complexity of the system. Sitemaps became user journeys and documenting every state meant thousands of pages of specification.

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