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Connecting data, connecting people

Like many of their competitors, BT has historically been plagued by low renewal rates, as customers have little brand affinity and mainly shop broadband and phone packages based on price. They briefed us to challenge their current CRM model and also think about how we could use technology to create a better connection with customers to improve renewals in the future.

We explored several different digital interactions, starting with how we could use the data we’ve gathered about the customer compared to similar customers - and even compared to other people in her neighbourhood - to play back the value of the relationship with BT. We also explored how we communicate with customers about their data connection on their main BT channel - their television.

We built on the concept of data connectivity in an extension of the BT app called BT Switch Off, a way of managing connections to maximise family-time and minimise digital fatigue.

We also explored how we can improve one of the most stressful events dealing with telecoms companies - moving home - using a conversational interface that combined automated chatbot messaging and human interaction. We then extended data into the home by exploring how BT could create a connected home, bringing together multiple services and experiences to create the ultimate in brand affinity.


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Improving communications

BT have a wealth of data about their customers yet they communicate with them generically. We explored how to enliven the conversation with what we know.

Managing expectations

BT only gets in touch when things are going wrong. They should celebrate when things are going right - tell customers they have a great connection when they turn on their connected TV.

Conscious connections

Research shows 60% of people feel addicted to being connected. BT could be an important partner in helping families get a better balance of online and offline.

Managing the conversation

BT call centre advisors have to check multiple data sources about a customer. A single, well-designed interface could speed up reaction time and even offer tailored suggestions.

Conversational UI

Addressing the stressful experience of moving home, an extension of the BT app combines chatbot technology and advisor input to create a seamless, almost hands-free new home setup.

Connected home

Creating a personal assistant that brings together data from the ever-growing retinue of connected home devices is a great way for BT to become even more relevant.

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