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Global automotive re-platform

One of the largest platform integration projects ever undertaken by a digital agency, Project Helios encompassed 6 car brands (including Nissan, Renault and Infiniti) across 300 websites in almost every country in the world. It involved a team of over 200 people (at its largest, 25 in design alone) working to build 6 different branded experiences from a single shared Adobe Experience Manager integration.

In the discovery phase we created a set of experience principles to unify the brands while still allowing for different visual and experience expressions. We also created a multi-channel journey map to show the average car buyer’s potential requirements in one view. You can see a very similar map I created for Volvo in Experience Mapping.

A particular challenge of the project was having multiple product owners in Paris, Hong Kong, and Tokyo, all the while managing the creative output from London. We were, however, lucky to have the developers working alongside us in an Agile process, and we were also able to do a great amount of research, both upfront and in the lab using prototypes.

I helped to grow the relationship beyond web design, including an app strategy and recommendations for improving the car dealership experience.

Nissan, Renault and Infiniti

UX Director

Design Team
UX - 12
Visual Design - 8
Content Strategy - 3
Copy - 2

Experience strategy
Responsive website
Multi-channel journeys
App strategy

Helios overview

A data-led approach

Personalisation was at the heart of the Helios programme. Using the full suite of AEM tools, we were able to take into account different markets, customer segments and contexts.

Design guides

Stakeholder communication across 3 brands was key. These posters exxplained our design methodology to the CMO of Nissan, with special emphasis on benefits and innovation.

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