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The future of digital banking

Like AstraZeneca, HSBC is faced with FinTech disruption and a customer base wary of big banks. They briefed us to explore the near-future of digital financial experiences and how these might change the way they interact with their customers.

Building on in-depth research into digital trends (you can explore more in Digital Strategy) we explored innovations like voice-controlled banking, biometric authentication, and holo-meetings, all viewed through the lens of human ambition. We worked in a collaborative team of UX and visual designers and technologists to sketch what these interfaces might look like, and produced 3 short films to illustrate them in situ.

HSBC have also been working closely with us to create concepts for an improved ATM experience. In order to test the interface, we built a working ATM in the basement of the agency, complete with (limited) money-dispensing capabilities. With this prototype we’ve been able to test various simulated atmospheric and psychological conditions affecting the use of an ATM.


UX Director

Design Team
UX - 3
Visual Design - 4
Service Design - 1
Copy - 1

Design concepts

Human ambition

Joining the conversation

We explored ambient brand expression on non-owned platforms, conversation as a platform, and virtual assistants as mediators.

Tomorrow, today

We explored trends in audio interfaces, immersive experiences, and ensuring experiences are intrinsically multi-device.

Intelligent insight

We explored context-driven personalisation, behavioural insight and Big Data, and how we could use anticipatory design throughout the experience.

Tomorrow's ATM

We built a fully-functioning ATM to test the interface, the environment and nuances like the noon-time sun on the glass screen.

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