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Reimagining mobile shopping

As part of a competitive pitch process, Huawei challenged us to rethink their online shopping experience for mobile products. Historically their website fell victim to a common problem for many mobile manufacturers: extremely long pages stuffed with product specifications, technical jargon, and bland, inhuman imagery.

Our research showed that the vast majority of Huawei customers were looking for around 5 proof points for their next device. They also got easily lost in long pages and, especially in the case of Huawei, could not differentiate the brand from other mid-priced handsets.

We had 5 days to rethink the experience and come up with a fresh direction. I directed a team of UX and visual designers and strategists to concept, design, and prototype a simplified experience that brought the brand closer to a lifestyle category and answered customers’ needs for quick, easy-to-access and understandable product benefits.

Other challenges included how to integrate product pricing from multiple resellers (globally and locally), how to deal with delivery-only product fulfilment, and a strategy for creating lifestyle branded content.

Huawei Global

UX Director
Creative Director

Design Team
UX - 4
Visual Design - 4
Content Strategy - 1
Copy - 2

Experience strategy
Design concepts

Concept Video


Desktop and mobile prototypes were key to conveying the full experience. We used these to get user feedback and communicate the new direction to Huawei executives. Have a play.

A fresh direction

We challenged Huawei to think of ways they could abandon the tired world of identical mobile manufacturer sites, tightening the content and enlivening it with a lifestyle angle.

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