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Storytelling through digital

We’ve worked with Saudi Aramco on their last 3 website redesigns, and the current project is their most ambitious yet. One of the world’s largest companies, they are keenly interested in showing the breadth of their products and services as well as the strides they’ve made in environmental protection.

Redesigning the site is a huge IA and content strategy challenge - there are thousands of pages of content, many of which are difficult to find and not optimised for search engines or mobile. The experience strategy builds on the concept of Hakawati - Arabian storytelling - to showcase Saudi Aramco’s people and activities throughout the hydrocarbon value chain, inviting users to discover the company’s unique and evolving narrative more easily.

I challenged the design team to explore 3 different manifestations of Hakawati and then worked closely with clients and end users to arrive at a final structure and design direction. Working in small teams of UX, visual design, and content strategy allowed us to capitalise on multi-disciplinary skills and lateral thinking.

We’re now applying the design direction to the entire responsive experience.

Saudi Aramco

UX Director

Design Team
UX - 5
Visual Design - 5
Content Strategy - 2
Copy - 1

Experience strategy
Design concepts
Responsive website

Concept 1: Campfire

The digital analogue to people coming together around a campfire to hear the top stories, debate the news and discuss the achievements of the day. Curation is key.

Concept 2: Value Chain

A more literal route guiding users through a connected narrative about Saudi Aramco’s full scope of business, letting them dive into stories of interest at any time. Case studies are key.

Concept 3: Guided Tour

A visually captivating, engaging and personalised tour of the business. Combining video, data and other forms of content to provoke curiosity. Interactivity is key.

Final concept

Bringing together some of the best elements of all three concepts. Interactivity, storytelling, interesting facts, news and a focus on people make this the most engaging option.

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