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Strategic experience direction

We are Samsung Europe’s strategic experience partner on a range of challenges in multiple channels, including web, social, and retail. As the UX Director, I oversee a team of UX designers and content strategists, working closely with visual design, strategy, and tech. We also work in collaboration with Samsung’s other digital and above-the-line agencies.

Our most recent projects include a set of recommendations for improving conversion through the purchase funnel and an analysis of holiday shopping mind-sets. Starting with a detailed heuristic analysis, we identified and prioritised 50 optimisation areas from product templates to the final purchase confirmation page, which we’ll now work with their tech team to address. Through our analysis of holiday shopping mind-sets we’ve identified a dozen medium- and large-scale ideas for innovation in the shopping experience, going beyond just the website.

All of this work builds on an in-depth analysis of the customer experience and content strategy across several Samsung Europe websites. We identified 12 major areas for improvement based on user research and data analysis, and included recommendations, best-in-class examples, and potential impact.

We have also mapped cross-channel customer journeys to support the launch of several Samsung products, most recently the Galaxy S8. Learn more about this project in Experience Mapping.

Samsung Europe

UX Director

Design Team
UX - 5
Visual Design - 2
Content Strategy - 2

Experience strategy
Journey maps
Optimisation strategy

CX and content analysis

A content and experience analysis of the multichannel retail experience. We looked at every stage of the customer journey and created 12 posters with nearly 50 recommendations.

Shopping mindsets

A strategic analysis of 9 retail mindsets painpoints, touchpoints, and best-in-class examples. Off the back of this analysis we’ve recommended 30 opportunities in a range of channels.

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